book cover design

  1. Understand the Problem – My picture is way too big for the front cover. Also i need to find a way to include symbols. I also need to make sure people know what book i was doing my project if i  didn’t include the book title. Also including some of the symbols will be difficult because some of them requires a lot more space.
  2. Research and Investigate- I found out some of the important symbols in the book and how to use them. I have also researched what the table meant in the book i have also looked up that the lighting meant. According to my research this books has a whole lot of symbols that i didn’t include because it would cause confusion. I try to research some symbols i could use and i found a lighting bolt and i just included that in my book cover.
  3. Generate Possible Solutions – I could change my picture. I could just adjust the picture so it can fit on the front cover. My other solutions involved me starting from scratch but that would of takin too long. I  also suggested that i implement these things in my book cover. My other solution is to make the book cover simple but with some key symbols on my cover,
  4. Select AND DEVELOP Best Solution- Adjust my picture so it can fit on the front cover. Add light and darkness in book cover. I have also decided to have colors go from light to dark but i need to figure out what color would best fit. I came up with the color and that would be red after i went back to the book and read the important chapters. I decided to leave the house and sunlight out of my book cover for fitting  reasons and i don’t find those two as important as the lighting. 
  5. Model and Prototype (Create)-  Below is my rough draft of my picture for my front cover. The picture next to the table was me creating a book cover full of important symbols.
  6. Test and Evaluate- I tested out my rough draft but i had to make some major changes. Also i needed some color skin that went from light to dark. I tested out including as many symbols as i can but that didn’t turn out the way i wanted to. The sketch with the house represented the death of an important character and the sky transitioning from light to dark. So i tested out the transition from light to dark and that didn’t work out because i didn’t have enough room to work with. So i just figured that i would just use the lighting since it is a important symbol.
  7. Produce- Below this is what i came up with when i needed puts symbols and color scheme. Also this color scheme is a lot deeper than just a dark red to a light red.You’ll understand if u read frankenstein. The pictures that i have included in here is there for a reason.Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 12.50.07 PM