Photoshop masks

The mask tool in photoshop helps you blend two images to make it look like one. If you want to adjust the masks you made you have the options to increase the contrast in the picture or make other areas transparent.  Also to invert the picture you would go to the properties tab and click … More Photoshop masks


For selection their are different tools like the lasso tool, polygonal tool, and magnetic lasso tool, but all of these help make selections easier. Also these tools can not trace small details like hair. Using the selection tool can also effect the ares that the hue/saturation is taken place.

Mutant jack- blog

I have learned how to blend things in, mask objects, and arrange the layers in different order. I have also change the white background and a checker type background. The smart radius tool helps fix / straightens the edges that i didn’t made perfect.

mastery- photoshop

To see pixels in photoshop you will have to use the zoom in tool. Also finding out how many pixels a pictures tells you if you can print it or not. The dimensions tells you  how many pixels the picture has, 150 pixels per inch is the minimum    printing resolution. 300 pixels per inch … More mastery- photoshop