mastery- photoshop

To see pixels in photoshop you will have to use the zoom in tool. Also finding out how many pixels a pictures tells you if you can print it or not. The dimensions tells you  how many pixels the picture has, 150 pixels per inch is the minimum    printing resolution. 300 pixels per inch … More mastery- photoshop

mastery- width

So the width tool can change how thick or slim the object your changing is. The width tool can also change how you outline and strokes looks like and can also make the stroke a lot more visible than the default settings. It can also make the outline more visible just like the stroke, this … More mastery- width

Mastery- Align panel

So their are a couple of ways you can align things, one of them is if you select all the objects than press horizontal  align left all the objects will go to the left. If you do align to the key object, the object you selected will have the other objects align with it.

Color mastery

Colors can be applied to any object and it can also be mixed. If you wanted to change a color of a new object you can do so, but it will not change the orignal. If you want a new color shape you will have to select the color you want then make a new … More Color mastery