mastery- width

So the width tool can change how thick or slim the object your changing is. The width tool can also change how you outline and strokes looks like and can also make the stroke a lot more visible than the default settings. It can also make the outline more visible just like the stroke, this … More mastery- width

Mastery- strokes

So they are three different types of strokes that you have available you. The different strokes that you have is cap stroke, corner strokes, align strokes, and the dashed strokes. You will use different strokes for different situations, if you want to use a stroke on a cap you will use the cap stroke.

week 6 DPE

This week in graphic design i have been learning al0t about the pen tool and what is and what it’s used for. I have also been learning how to draw straight, and  curved lines with and without guides  with the pen tool. It took me a while to get to the pen tool and i … More week 6 DPE

Mastery- Align panel

So their are a couple of ways you can align things, one of them is if you select all the objects than press horizontal  align left all the objects will go to the left. If you do align to the key object, the object you selected will have the other objects align with it.

Color mastery

Colors can be applied to any object and it can also be mixed. If you wanted to change a color of a new object you can do so, but it will not change the orignal. If you want a new color shape you will have to select the color you want then make a new … More Color mastery

Grouping mastery

Grouping allows you to group multiple lines or objects together so when you select them it select everything at once instead of individually. When you grouped some objects if you move one of them, you would also move the other objects.